Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Tips on Tuesday: Business Basics Formal Wear

Wah! So the absence of posts this week is due to me working the CVS Charity Classic. I was a superstar handing out free samples of stuff to everyone who came to watch the pros play! Unfortunately, the tearing and ripping open of boxes has taken a toll on my poor cuticles and well....they look like they used to look when I was a nail biter. 

I also went to the RI Charity Gala this week, and as such, needed a nice neutral polish for the formal occasion.
I choose OPI Melon of Troy. This was one of my very first OPI polishes and is almost half gone I've used it so much!

Melon of Troy is a light peachy with a nice subtle sheen. I guess this is kind of an "old lady" color if you know what I mean. But, for such a formal work event, I wanted an appropriate color.

The first coat was a little streaky, but it leveled nicely with a second coat.
Train played at the Gala, and they were so great live! All of their old music is really good, so overall it was a fun event and we raised a ton of money for local Rhode Island charities.

This is a continuation of my Business Basics Series.
You can find my post on nude polishes HERE and Zoya Godiva HERE.

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Do not think of that color as old lady (even if I m one) I think of it as springtime color! Lol! Berg pretty! May need to buy this one.

  2. Vivid color and looks like with a flesh color shade.


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