Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Tips on Tuesday: NEONS Over White?

I think Tips on Tuesday might be one of my favorite days of the week! :)
The Essie Summer Neon 2013 collection was the inspiration for today's post. On their display they are also featuring a white polish. I was wondering: 
Should Neons be layered over a white polish for the extra POP of color or does it even matter? 
I pulled some of the neon polishes out that I have in my collection and put them to the test!

I started with China Glaze in White Out? Snow? I think. I actually have NO idea what this white is named since it has lost its sticker on the bottom. Regardless, this is your basic white-out white. I used one generous coat for the base. I wanted to get it as even as possible.

I chose Color Club Feelin' Groovy from the Poptastic collection and Essie's DJ Play That Song from their Summer Neons collection. And there is my mystery white.

I used one coat of white as a base on my pointer finger and my ring finger. I swatched 2 coats of polish alone on my middle and pinky fingers.

DJ Play that song, looks slightly brighter and more opaque over white (Pointer finger) than it does alone (middle finger). I don't think this is too much of a difference, but if I really wanted to brighten it up, I would definitely wear it over a coat of white. Feelin' Groovy is obviously much more amazingly neon over white. The white really made this color POP! 2 coats of it alone on my pinky, doesn't even do this neon green justice!

I then tried Zoya Ali and Wet n' Wild Pin Em' Slater over white and alone.

Zoya Ali is shown 2 coats over white on my pointer finger and alone on my middle finger. Like DJ, this one doesn't show the biggest different over white and alone, but you can see that it does appear just a bit more opaque.

Pin Em' Slater shows such a difference over white! This yellow is so blah on my pinky alone, but 2 coats over white and it really is a bright, highlighter yellow.

Overall, I probably would wear DJ Play that Song and Zoya Ali alone if I didn't feel like waiting the extra dry time, but I definitely will not be passing on the white when it comes to neon yellows and greens.

What do you think? Do you use a white base before Neons for the extra pop of color?


  1. I always wear a white coat under my bright colors. For me, the colors are obviously brighter, and the polish seems to wear longer. For some reason, I can't get neons to stay on my nail without peeling off after a few hand washes, they crack and chip right off, even with a good thick top coat. I also find that I don't have to put so many coats on with the white base, because the colors almost seem to get too dark with more coats, and it drives me crazy if I hold my hands up to light and can see through them. Silly? Probably, but oh well. I love the colors you used though, I'll be keeping an eye out!!

    1. I totally agree! Neons never have had great staying power with me either. You're right that if you add the layer of white you don't need so many coats on top.


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