Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Tips on Tuesday: French Tips Tutorial

Everytime I am running late on a post, I feel like I need to give an excuse for some reason. But the truth is, I am totally sitting here eating a Swiss Roll and reading some of my fellow bloggers posts...nomnomnom....

Anyway, today I have a Tutorial on super easy peasy French tips. I like to 'test' my tutorials on my nail art novice friends -- and this has definitely passed and I swear, anyone can do it! 

French Tips are my go-to for any fancy or formal occasion. They are so classy and are perfect for where ever I am going, no matter the season. I have a method to doing French Tips and here it is!

First off, you will need 10 round Band-Aids, like the picture, and any polish of your choice.

Start with a clean, bare nail. You can totally use a base coat if you want. I did in this photo. However, if you use a base coat, make sure you wait until it is totally dry to stick on the band aid!

I like to stick the band aid to the palm of my hand first a couple of times so it isn't so sticky. Then I placed it away from the tip of my nail leaving as much nail as I want peeking out! I like to turn my hand around and look at it from a couple of different angles to make sure I have the line even. If not, I just move the band aid around until I am happy! Make sure it is sticking firmly to your nail by pressing it down.

Paint the tip with any polish you want. I chose a basic white by China Glaze. I like to use one thick coat so it is opaque the first time.

After painting the tip, slowly peel off the band aid starting in one of the corners. I like to stick the band aids on all of my fingers on one hand and then paint on nail at a time, peeling off the band aids as I go along.
Edit: A reader told me you can cut the band-aids in half to get more use out of them! Good idea!

So easy! No free handing or trying to have a steady hand at all!

Look easy? Will you try your own French mani?

Happy Tuesday!


  1. great idea using bandaids! I'll def try this out!

  2. Never thought of using band-aids. Will definitely try next time I do a french mani.

  3. i don't normally do french tips, but my best friend uses those round stickers that you're supposed to use as price tags at garage sales. huge packs are a $1 at Dollar Tree so it's way cheaper than bandaids!

  4. Psst, if you cut them in half you only have to use 5! ;)

    1. Best idea! I usually turn them around and use them a couple times, but this is better! Thanks!

  5. I tried this this weekend using the garage sale stickers. I found them to be inadequate. They did not stick very well so the line was not crisp like in these photos. It worked OK; it's passable from afar. But when you look at them up close you can see that the lines aren't clean. I really wanted it to work because it's such a cheap alternative to the band-aids. I also don't think the French Tip style works very well for me anyway. It seemed to make my nails look shorter and wider. Oh well...

    1. Aww boo :( I like the band-aids because they are so easy to bend around your nails. That stinks!


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