Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Tips on Tuesday: My Current Cuticle Care Favorites

Tips on Tuesday! Woot! 
Today I wanted to do a rundown of my current cuticle care favorites. You might notice a reoccurring trend in some of my posts -- every polish I review is pretty much deemed MY FAVORITE (at the time)! As my cuticle care favorites evolve, so will these posts :)

I love Sally Hansen. Just going to throw that out there. She is such a great gal and I bet her hands and nails look freaking-fantastic.
 I trust her.
I use her polish and base coats all the time.
Just recently CVS was having a Spend $10 get $5 back in ExtraBucks on SH cosmetics. I decided that was as good a time as any to try some cuticle care items!
These have become staples in my mani routine (when I can find them in my stash -- working on that mess) and keep my cuticles looking nice!

By the way -- I am totally not an expert, and just like regular makeup and personal care items: What works for me might not work for you. 
I always buy these types of items in Drugstores because they all have GREAT return policies -- even if the package is open!

SH VitaSurge Cuticle Gel. Looks like an orange, smells like an orange! This cuticle gel is very lightly scented and is so fast absorbing. There are beads inside the gel that are filled with Vitamin E and Botanical Extracts that, with the gel, help heal dry, ragged cuticles.

Application is a breeze because of the felt tipped applicator. You can use this over your bare nail or over dry polish.

I like to give a swipe around my upper finger, my cuticles and over my bare nail. I rub it in gently after putting a swipe or 2 on each finger. Within 20 seconds or so -- it has all absorbed and leaves no color or scent behind! Because it absorbs so fast I will use it more than once if my cuticles are really dry.
Love it!
There is also a Strength Gel and a Growth gel.
Retails for $6.99 at CVS.

The other SH product I picked up was the Maximum Growth Cuticle Pen.
This helps grow longer, and healthier nails (supposedly in 7 days). It also nourishes dry, rough cuticles.

This pen is great because the applicator makes it so easy and precise to apply to cuticles. It is a little oily, but it absorbs with a little rubbing.

When the tip needs more oil, you just turn the base to wet it! 
It smells ok. Kind of like coconut macaroons...But like the Cuticle Gel, it isn't a strong scent (I was practically sticking it up my nose to smell it) and it fades pretty quickly.
Both of these product work great for me!
Retails for $6.99 at CVS.

However, my all time cuticle care favorite has to be Burt's Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream. Seriously, though. Not just my favorite today. I have had one of these tins on my desk at work for YEARS.

It calls itself a cream, but I would say it is definitely more of a balm. It comes in a .60oz tin and I swear, this thing last FOREVER. I have 2 of these tins and I have had one of them on my desk for just about 2 years now. I use it multiple times a day (almost every time after washing my hands) and it has still lasted me such a long time. Despite loving the SH cuticle care items above, I do not see getting this type of longevity out of them.

Despite being a balm, it isn't too greasy, but instead a nice and creamy. If you have a cat, yea, you probably will get some cat hairs stuck to your fingers (so bring it to work instead!). It smells like you would think lemon butter would smell like.
I really use this religiously, and very very highly recommend this as your must-have go-to cuticle care item!
Retails for $5.99 at CVS.
Not only is it cheaper than the SH but it is definitely the best bang for your buck.

What are your favorite cuticle care items? Tell me which ones to try next!
Cared for cuticles are happy cuticles!


  1. Well I use SH problem cuticle remover. Love it. Works yet is gentle. Question for you. With the SH orange vita surge do you remove it before pitting polish on?

    1. I have been wanting to try that one! I do usually wash my hands before I put polish on. It is a gel and isn't a base coat, so a little soap and water should get all the residue off your nails!

    2. Doing this not only moisturizes your hands, leaving them looking soft, and touchable, but it also prevents the sometimes painful and "not so pleasant to look at" dry and cracked cuticles.Naturasil Natural Nail Fungus

  2. I have used the Burt's Bee's lemon butter creme and loved it. The bad thing is I misplaced it while moving and cannot find it. I've started using Essie Apricot cuticle oil and really like it!

    1. Oh no! Thats the worst! I read your post on the Apricot cuticle oil and I totally sent out for my free sample! I got it the other day. I wish there was more in the sample to try, but it smelled SO good


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