Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Tips on Tuesday: Business Basics with Zoya Pixiedust

I had another post planned for today as I think some of you are adverse to nude polishes. But I am curious to see what you think about this one! A couple of months ago Zoya released an innovative line of polishes called PixieDust. These are textured, they dry matte and are loaded with sparkle. I have a hard time liking glitter because removal is somewhere on the line of rubbing a cotton pad on sandpaper. NIGHTMARE.
Anyway, because I had never tried Zoya before and these looked so neat, I purchased 3. And of course now they have lovely gorgeous colors that I want. 
(Stay tuned for a "Get the look for less post on this :)")

Meet Zoya Godiva!
I wasn't even considering this polish for a work appropriate shade until Zoya posted on facebook that this is the new go-to nude shade for work! 
I hadn't worn it in a bit, so I tested it out again and I totally think this is appropriate for the office. It is subtle enough that it won't be distracting but it adds just the right amount of flare and fashion!

Shown here is 3 coats, no base coat OR top coat. The polish dries to a gritty, sand feel, but amazingly, it goes on exactly like regular polish. You would never know from immediate application that there are particles in there. Someone asked me if because of the texture, it gets caught on clothes or hair. 
It does not! I didn't experience this at all. The texture is noticeable but it subtle and not very raised.
It dries better than average polishes, and is so forgiving if you smudge or make a mistake.

There is a TON of lovely glitter in this pretty, and fortunately, I don't hate the removal process. It didn't remove as easily as a creme polish, but it definitely wasn't a glitter nightmare.
Wear was so awesome! I wore this for exactly 5 days and I had zero chipping. Minor tip wear and top wear because I obviously couldn't stop touching it, but other than that -- perfect.

What do you think of this nude? Have you tried any textured polishes? What do you think?

Godiva and the other Pixie's can be purchased HERE or In-store at Ulta.
Read my post on how to get a FREE Zoya Polish! 

Happy Tuesday!

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