Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Tips on Tuesday: Easy Nail Art

Tips on Tuesday seems to be turning into Wisdom on Wednesday these days huh?! I think Work-y thinks I want to eat three meals a day there ;). I am going to try to be better about posting earlier!

Just a little update...I hinted at a surprise coming May 1st on my facebook page
Which is tomorrow :D so stay tuned for that jazz!
Today is a teeny hint at what is coming up tomorrow....

So, I think I might have thrown you guys into the deep-end of nail art with my Tutorial on Flowers and maybe the color blocking tutorial too. But the thing is, nail art doesn't have to be hard or require steady hands or fancy tools. All you need is some cute stickers and a good top coat.
(aka NYC In a New York Minute for $1.99).

I started this mani off with a SH base coat and Essie Mod Square, a bright, bubblegum pink! This color is SO summer to me! I can't seem to get enough of pinks lately and this is a favorite! This polish was pretty streaky the first coat, but evened out very nicely the second.

After the polish was dry to the touch, I decided on some "3D Nail Art" stickers by Broadway Nails. These are 3D in the sense they are slightly raised.
These particular stickers came in strips, so I cut them down to fit where I wanted. I simply peeled the sticker off the backing and placed them on my nail and pressed down to adhere the sides to my nail.
Press them down well!
I then topped it off with a top coat.

Uh! So Cute! I love that I got the lacey look without having to do some crazy nail art that for sure would have gotten me frustrated.
Sometimes stickers will start to peel off a little on the edges of your nails , but I found these stayed on pretty well. I did add another coat of top coat a couple days later when I found the edge started to lift.
My favorite thing about (ALL) nail art stickers, is that they come stuck on a clear sheet. I like this because that way I can "test" the sticker out by seeing where to place it on my nail before I peel it off the paper.

What do you think? Do you use stickers as nail art?


  1. Love this essie polish :) Im a new fan I hope u can follow back !

    1. I just discovered this color! It is a new favorite! Thanks for following!

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