Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Polish for a Cause: China Glaze Tranzitions

Hello! I know it is Tuesday, and that I should be doing a Tips on Tuesday post. 
I was going to show you how I created my color blocking mani using one of Essies Resort 2013 polishes, but my tape grew legs and has wandered off. You can check out that mani HERE.
So instead, I decided to go blue for Autism Awareness Month
I hope you forgive me, but this is for a good cause!

Across many polish blogs and websites, girls are sharing their blue fingernails, to shine a light on autism by raising awareness. Here is my contribution!

For my mani, I chose China Glaze Modify Me from their Tranzitions collection.
I put Zoya Blu on my accent nail and stamped over it with Modify Me.

The thing that most intrigued me about this polish and spurred the purchase
 (other than it is a slight periwinkle shade, which for some reason always makes me take my wallet out)
was that it is supposed to change color. 
The little kid in me HAD to have this.



This polish changes color when you put a top coat on. Which I thought was odd, because why wouldn't you wear a top coat...but then I started to think of all the Polka Dot, or striping mani's I could do with just a top coat and no other colors! I will definitely be experimenting with this some more!
The polish started as a light perwinkle blue, and with a top coat, it changed to a bright royal blue.
The formula was a little on the watery side, but it dried in average time and was completely opaque in one coat. (2 coats shown). Overall, I was a little disappointed with this polish because it wasn't as cool as I was expecting it to be.
Here is a close up of the stamp detail:

For this I used Red Angel Plate RA-108.
I love these plates! You can find them HERE.

Hope everyone had a good day! Only 3 more days until the weekend! Not that I am counting...
Tips on Tuesday will be back next week!

Did you go blue?

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