Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Tips On Tuesday! Using Tape: Tips & Tricks

Tips on Tuesday is back! 
As promised, I am going to show you how I created the color blocking mani I did last week using one of Essie's new Resort polishes. You can check out that mani HERE. 

This technique is a lot easier than you might think! All you need is 2 polishes and some tape! Any tape will work. I prefer to use the shiny clear tape, vs Scotch tape, because it doesn't tear as easily. However, for this design, any regular tape will work!

First, I painted my entire nail one shade for the base. I used 2 coats of Essie In the Cab-ana
If you are using a light polish and a dark polish, always choose the lightest shade for the base. 2 coats of polish for this step isn't necessary if the polish is opaque in one coat.

Once the base polish is COMPLETELY dry, I taped off one section of my nail. 
You must wait until the polish is dry or the tape will pull up the polish when you peel it off. 
I like to stick the piece of tape to the palm of my hand a couple of times so it is not as sticky. Lightly press down on the tape to smooth it out. You don't want any polish to seep under, making an uneven line!

I then painted the other half of my nail using Essie Boxer Shorts. Because of the base polish, one generous coat was enough to cover my nail.

While the polish was still wet, I slowly peeled off the tape. 
Creating an even line can sometimes take some practice when you are first starting to use tape. Sometimes I have a hard time getting the tape to stick in the edges of my nails, which ends out creating blobs of polish in the corners.
I will often use a striping polish to cover up an uneven line. Like this:

I love this so much you will probably be seeing a variation of this later this summer!
The best place to get Striping Polishes is at FiveBelow!
They often have 3 for $5! 

A neat trick I have discovered to create different color blocking variations, is to cut the tape using craft scissors!

I used Friskars Colonial Paper Edgers crafting scissors. Check them out HERE (now called Majestic). These retail for $3.99 at Joann's fabrics but there is almost always 40-50% off coupons out. 
(Download CouponSherpa if you have a smartphone. Best coupon app EVER).

After cutting the tape using the craft scissors, I followed the same steps as above.

I also have the Paper Edgers in Pinking. I used these to create my Easter Mani HERE.

There are so many possibilities with color blocking and tape! 

Will you try this?

Happy Tuesday!

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  1. Awesome! I haven't thought to use craft sheers to cut the tape. I have tons of them. I'll have to give it a try!


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