Tuesday, April 9, 2013

How to get a Free Zoya Nail Polish!

 I love free stuff (who doesn't)! 
So as much as possible, I will be sharing with you about any 
deals and steals you can take advantage of. 
Read on :)

Zoya nail polishes are described as the longest wearing natural nail polish (in the world?) and is used in better beauty salons and spas. (I think they are mostly located on the Northern West Coast, but I am not sure). You might know them because of the infamous PixieDust polishes! They were pretty much first to market on the texture polish trend and man-oh-man are those babies spark-a-lee! 
I have 3 from their original collection.

Zoya Designer, Diva and Gloss New Yourk Fashion Week nail Polish Collections

Pretty! Anyway, getting a free Zoya is easy-peasy!

1. Simply go to their website and create an account HERE. 
2. After you sign up, go to MY ACCOUNT.
3. Then navigate to MY PROMOTION COUPONS
4. And there is that lovely free coupon code!

Once you add ANY Zoya poli to your bag, go find your code and click Apply Code to Order.
Here is the catch!
I know, I know it isn't totally free. :( 
But I have a tip!
Shipping & Handling is a stupid $6.95 on your FREE polish...BUT if you add another polish to your cart (each polish is 8$) you will get free shipping for just $1.05 more! 
You will get 2 polishes for a total of $8 & Free shipping!
So if you use this code, get the best bang for your buck and order 2.
I bet you won't be able to choose one anyway! :)

Happy Shopping girlies!
Zoya Aurora and Zoya Blaze are on my lemming list if you want to know 
what I will be doing with my coupon!! 
Although I am tempted by the lovely Summer Pixies!

Which pretties will you choose?


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    1. Oh wow! That's so nice of you!!!! Thank you!!! :)


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