Thursday, May 2, 2013

Xtreme Color Blocking

Happy Almost Friday! I am excited for a beautiful weekend! I was going through my stash recently, trying to organize it (didn't happen, it's more of a mess now than it was), and I found these cutey patooties. I HAD to use them. Every single one of them! I've been on a color blocking kick lately and all these colors look perfect together!

I used (From the top): Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in: Blue Me Away, SunKissed, Green with Envy and here I might be wrong...I think it is Hot Magenta (maybe Fuchsia Power?). Anyway mini's always come unnamed. Why?!

I painted all my fingers one color to start. I used each color once and then decided to go with the orange on my thumb again.
These colors are so vibrant and bright and I was such a happy camper just looking at these!

After the base color dried, I used tape to section off my pointer and ring fingers to start creating the blocks! I had to wait for each block to dry before I could start on the next, which made this more time consuming than I anticipated.
Check out my tutorial on color blocking with tape HERE.

I sealed it all in with one coat of NYC. 

What do you think of Color blocking manis?

Thanks for reading!


  1. Love it, the colors complement each other and I can only imagine that this was a lot of work, tape mani can be time consuming but the result is always worth it.

    1. Thank you! So true about tape manis! The possibilities are endless with them!

  2. I LOVE color blocking manis but have yet to try one myself!!! I will definitely be checking out your tutorial to see how you achieved this great look! I love the color combos you chose too!

    1. Definitely try it out! It is much easier than you think!!!


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