Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Indie Review: Pipe Dream Polish Part 2

Hi again! Today marks a wonderful milestone for me. Exactly 2 years ago today, I graduated college!
When April from Pipe Dream Polish let me choose some of her polishes at a discount to review, I couldn't wait to get my hands on Play Your Game.
All of April's polishes are cruelty and Big 3 Free.

See my review of the first 2 polishes in the set HERE.

Bottle shot.
Play Your Game is my Alma Mater's school colors. I just had to have this for this occasion.

This is a glitter polish in a clear base. There are a TON of glitters in here. There are small and medium silver, gunmetal, purple and violet holographic hex glitters! I love me some holo glitters!

I used 2 layers of Essie Boxer Shorts as my base before adding one coat of Play Your Game. I had absolutely no trouble getting plenty of glitters on my nails.

Shown here is 2 coats of Essie Boxer Shorts, 1 coat of Play your Game with 1 coat of NYC topcoat.

 I mentioned in my previous post that all of April's polish names are inspired by songs and/or their lyrics.
This ones name came from Bon Jovi's Shot Through the Heart.

I love this glitter so much. It fondly reminds me of my college days (and how I wish I could go back!).
You can check out the rest of Pipe Dream Polishes on April's Etsy HERE and definitely follow her on facebook to be in the know on all Pipe Dream Polish happenings!


  1. I love those colors! Play Your Game really makes that color pop. I love how the names of the polishes are inspired by song names/lyrics. Shot Though the Heart is one of my favorite songs.

    1. Thanks! I really like that about her polish too! She has a nice purple called Shot Through the Heart too! :)


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