Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Tips On Tuesday: All Buttoned Up!

I have been reading every one's comments from my Celebratory Giveaway and a lot of my readers are interested in easy nail art tutorials! I listened :)
 One of my very best friends is a nail art newbie and a couple of weeks ago she sent me a photo of her first ever nail art. If you are looking to start getting into nail art,
this is the perfect design to start off with!
And once you get this down -- you can try my Flower Nail Art Tutorial!

All you need for this design is 2 polishes and a Bobby Pin or a dotting tool.

 You will need a Bobby that has little nubs on it like this one. Bend it apart so it is easy to hold. If it is too small and hard to hold, try wrapping some thick tape around it to make a grip.

1. Start by painting your base. 
I used 2 coats of Essie's DJ Play that Song from their 2013 Neons Summer collection.
I waited about 25 minutes for my nails to dry before I started the design. It is easiest to work on nail art when you aren't worrying about messing up wet nails! 
Take your time!!

I used an Art Club striping polish in white that I dripped onto a paper plate. Almost any polish will work! A runny drippy polish is not good for dots though!

2. Dip your Bobby Pin into the white polish and then lightly dot it onto the middle base of your nail.

TIP: If you feel like your Bobby Pin Dotting hand isn't steady enough -- try bringing your nail up to the Bobby (instead of the Bobby to your nail!)

3. Wipe off any excess polish from the Bobby from the first dot onto a napkin. Dip your Bobby into your dotting paint again, and lightly make another dot in front of your first dot.

4. Wipe your Bobby off again! If your dotting polish gets goopy, just drip more onto the plate!
Dip your Bobby into the polish again, and add another dot in front of the second dot.

Nail Art takes practice, and it is O.K. not to get it perfect on the first try.
Dots are a great base to several other designs,
so work on perfecting these and go crazy with different combinations!
Do a diagonal dotticure, instead of down the center or make more than one line of dots! The possibilities are endless :)

Will you be trying this tutorial? What Polish and Dot combination will you do?
Post photos of your Buttoned Up Mani to my facebook wall! 


  1. Thanks for the tutorial...I never thought of using a booby pin

    1. Very welcome! Try it out! You'll be surprised at how easy it is :)


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