Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Tips on Tuesday: Color Blocking for Beginners

So I am still on a color blocking kick! This is NOTHING like the mani I did HERE. I wanted to back up a bit from that hodge podge and show you how easy color blocking can be. 
I have 2 different ways to color block your nails to show you today.

You might know this look as a simple " One for Fun" or as just "An Accent Nail". That is basically what it is, but pick 2 perfectly complimentary colors and you can pass it off as a cutie color block!
Never pass up going back to a basic look! "One for Fun" is always a classic in my book!

I painted all of my fingers, except my ring finger in SH Xtreme Wear Fuchsia Power.
I painted my ring finger with SH Xtreme Wear in SunKissed.
Easy enough!
But...You were hoping for something a little cooler right?
Try TWO accent nails!

I mixed this up a little bit by painting my pointer and middle finger with SunKissed and painted my thumb, ring and pinky with Fuchsia Power.

I am loving the double accent nail. It is such a easy way to put a twist on a classic and do something different! No fighting with tape required to get this easy look and it is a great way to incorporate 2 colors into your mani!

Do you still wear "One for Fun" manis? How do you like to color block?

You can check out how I achieved the Color Blocking look above by checking out my tutorial HERE.


  1. i'm rocking the double accent nail look right now with China Glaze Textures in Unrefined and Itty, Bitty & Gritty. i like accenting my middle and ring fingers but might start switching it up like yours on different hands.

    1. NIce! What a good way to mix those ones up! I love this look, this way I can use 2 polishes when I just can't decide on 1 haha

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