Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Indie Review: Polishnv Part 1

This is my very first Indie polish post ever!
If you don't know what an Indie polish is, it is a handcrafted polish and can be found on e-retailers, like Etsy! It is overwhelming how many there are out there!

Today, I have 3 pretty polishes by Renee at Polishnv to show you. Renee kindly sent me these polishes to review. I am posting about 2 now and I will have the third up later today HERE.

Polishnv is a mother/daughter team who decided to extend their already existing Bubblesnbalms (think bath fizzies and soaps galore!) business into polish making -- and Polishnv was born!
These polishes are 3 free.

First up, is Circus Cookie!

I have absolutely no idea what a Circus Cookie is, but if I ever see one, I am sure it will look exactly like this. I thought this name matched this polish perfectly!
Circus Cookie is a light cool toned pink crelly.

I used 2 coats and no undies here!
Circus Cookie is packed with really pretty gold shimmer.
There are a bunch of different glitters in here. I really love the green hexes! There are also small Fuchsia hexes, medium light blue and pink hexes, large royal blue and white hexes and purple squares!
I don't have any polishes with square glitters, so I am really loving this!

Here she is in the shade. I did turn Circus Cookie upside for a minute and gave it a good shake before I started to help the bigger glitters get all around in the bottle. I did not need to fish for glitters and I definitely got a good amount on each nail! I did place some of the larger glitters. I waited in between coats, to keep glitter dragging to a minimum.

The formula was good. All of these did have a strong scent and had a longer than average dry time. Renee tried a new base this time around, which is the culprit. This isn't typical of previous batches. It does go away after it dries. However, application was smooth and the mini bottles and brushes are great!

Up next is Baby Needs a Name.

Baby Needs a Name is a light lilac crelly, leaning towards periwinkle. 

This one is packed with a lovely blue shimmer, which is why it leans towards a periwinkle blue!
There are large fuchsia hexes, small fuchsia hexes and purple squares in this one.

I used 2 coats and no undies here. Even though this shade was light it was totally opaque.
Same exact formula on Baby as Circus Cookie. Went on smoothly, no fishing for glitters and I still got a ton of glitters on all my fingers! I even got a bunch of the larger hexes!

My mom is a dark polish wearer, but she tried this as an accent nail! She wore it overnight and decided that she can totally rock the periwinkle shades! I am so psyched this converted her to light polish colors!
I used a Salma Hayek top coat over both polishes.

Don't you think Circus Cookie is just the perfect name for the pink?!

Thanks for reading!
Part 2 is HERE.

**Disclosure: The product(s) in this post were provided to me by their manufacturer for my unbiased review. Please see my Disclaimer page for more info**


  1. Great review! Both of these are gorgeous but I really love Baby Needs A Name, such a beautiful polish.

    1. Thanks! I loved that one too! It was unlike any polish I have!

  2. I'm loving "baby needs a new name". Very pretty. Great swatches!

  3. ajaajaa! I love them all! the names are just so funny :)


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