Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Tips on Tuesday: Easy 5 Petal Flower

Hello! It's Tips on Tuesday again and just a day away from the first day of SPRING!
I recently posted a question to all my fans on Facebook on what kinds of things you would like to see on Tuesdays and a Tutorial on Flowers came up! 
I love love love flowers and you will probably be seeing them a lot on my nails in the Spring and Summer months. And I wanted to share how I make these! 

I am going to be showing you step by step instructions on how to make the above
Easy 5 Petal Flower.
This flower doesn't need any fancy or special tools to make and is great for beginners!! 
I usually use a dotting tool for flower adornment but for this tutorial I used a Bobby Pin in hopes it is something all of you have around the house.

Make sure it is a Bobby Pin that looks like this with the thick nubs on the ends. You will want to bend it apart so that it is straight. If you don't have a Bobby or just can't find one, 
a pen or pencil will work fine!

First you will need to paint your nails as you normally do and wait for it to be mostly dry.
Then choose your Flower colors! 
You will need one color for the petals, and another color to dot in the center of the flower. 
For this flower I used Color Club: Art Club in White. I dotted the center with SH Xtreme Wear in a mini unnamed bright orange.
Now you're ready to start your flower!
Lets Get Started!!

1. Get your Flower Petal polish ready by dripping some onto a piece of foil or a paper plate.
(Watery or Sheer polishes are not good for flowers.)

(TIP: If the polish starts to get goopy or dry as you are working, just drip some more onto the plate!)

Then you are ready to start your flower!

(Sorry that it is backwards on my nail, I didn't realize it until later!)

 2. Dip one end of your Bobby Pin into the white polish and make one dot on your nail.
This is going to be the center of the flower, so make sure to leave room for the petals to go around it by placing it away from the edge of your nail.
You only need a little bit of polish on the end of the Bobby if you want a small dot. The more polish you have on your Bobby, the bigger the dot will be!

(TIP: Try a couple practice dots on the back or palm of your hand first!)

3. Make your first petal by attaching a second dot to the center dot.

(TIP: Dip your Bobby Pin into the polish after each dot!)

4. Make a second petal next to the first, creating a sort of Mickey Mouse face.
It is OK if your petals touch! :)

5. Add a third petal. Keep your petals close, you will want to fit 5 in total!

6. Add a fourth petal 

7. Finish your flower by adding the fifth petal! Yay!

8. Wait a couple of minutes for the flower to dry and then complete it by 
putting the colored center in!

You can add more flowers to this look like I did, by repeating the first set of steps, but instead placing your center dot right next to the edge of your nail and stick your petals on around it. 

You can add as many flowers as you want and in all different colors! The possibilities are endless!

What do you think? Did this tutorial help you? Will you be trying this out? Do you want to see more tutorials like this?


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