Sunday, March 17, 2013

Hard Candy Review! Part 1

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekends and any St. Paddy's Day festivities!
Please note this post is photo heavy!

I have some beautiful swatches from the new Hard Candy line, found exclusively at Walmart for only $3.98, to show you today! 

First up is Piece of Papaya from the Itzy Glitzy collection. 

I LOVED this color. Piece of Papaya was a rosy pink with lots of fine gold glitters mixed in. 
The photos show it to be very pink, but in real life the gold glitters showed up very well and gave the polish a nice shine. 
The formula wasn't too thick and it brushed on very smooth. I have to say that the brushes on these polishes were AWESOME. They were just the right width without being too small.
 I also like it when the stem of the brush has flat sides, which these did, so it is easier to wipe excess polish off the brush.

This photo shows the gold undertones a little better and is closer to what the color actually looks like.

I used 2 coats to achieve total opacity with one coat of NYC In a NY Minute. 
I found this polish to be a little top coat thirsty 
and to add some extra shine I might have added another coat of NYC.
Removal was not so fun on this polish. It wasn't as difficult as a heavy glitter polish, but it was one of those polishes that gets little tiny glitters EVERYWHERE. My hands were covered in glitter after removal. I will definitely use a PVA base next time I wear this. I can see myself wearing this alot in the summer.

Next up is Crush on Amethyst from the Crushed Chromes collection.

This polish was  a nice purple with silver undertones. It was a bit thicker than Piece of Papaya but not to the point where it made it hard to work with. It was opaque in one coat, but I used 2 with a top coat of In a NY Minute.

The brush on this one, again, was awesome! You can see the silver undertones perfectly in this photo, taken outside! The neatest thing about this polish was when I removed it:

I wore this polish overnight, and when I took it off in the a.m., the purple removed with just a swipe or 2 of a makeup remover pad and left behind this silver foil base! I actually love the look of this! It reminds me of tin foil and has a neat looking texture to it. You can see that my thumb still has the purple and the rest of my fingers have had the purple swiped off. To remove the silver, it did take a little longer than normal polish and took a little more pressure, but wasn't a remover-pad-shredding kind of nightmare.

Next up is my favorite, Crush on Pink, also from the Crushed Chromes collection.

Crush on Pink is a light pink, with the same silver undertones. I thought this one looked the best on my skin tone and is perfect for spring! I really really liked this polish. It went on nice and smooth and was opaque in 2 coats. Like the other 2 polishes it was pretty top coat thirsty but it was beautiful with just one coat of NYC.

Here it is in the shade. Isn't she a pretty one?!
I didn't wear this one over night, but it removed just the same as Amethyst and definitely had the same silver foil base.

I am wondering if the Crushed Chromes polishes will be good for stamping. Let me know if you test any of them out!

What do you think of the polishes from this new collection? Have you tried any of them out yet?

I also picked up Black Tie Optional from the Crystal Confetti Collection! I will be posting a Part 2 specifically to review that pretty!

Check out Part 2 of my review HERE.

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