Thursday, March 21, 2013

To bead or not to bead?

Hello! I have a fun new mani to show you today! 
I found some caviar beads/ Nail Pearls at Rite Aid a couple weeks back and I have been holding on to them trying to decide if I would actually ever try them. I always viewed it as one of those ridiculously 'posh' nail trends, that isn't for me. Well, I was a little wrong about my assumptions.

I actually ended out REALLY loving it! I paired the Nail Pearls with 
Barry M textured polish Kingsland Road
(Which is actually ballet pink. Here it appears a bit peachy.)
The beads gave it a very textured feel, just like a textured polishes and had small ballet pink beads mixed in with the dark pink, making the pair perfect! 
The Nail Pearls also come in mixed blue, and a sort of 'birthday cake' mix, with bold colored beads.

Unfortunately, the beads didn't last long. The directions said to use 2 coats of polish. Just after the second coat, wait 20 seconds, pour the beads on, wait 20 seconds more and press lightly on them to adhere them to the polish. Then wait 20 minutes for them to dry completely. 
In due diligence, I followed the directions very carefully. 
(I'm not a rule breaker!)

I had a feeling they would all come off in the shower. Which they didn't, some did, but not enough to ruin the look. The colors did bleed a little though.
In fact, the beads actually lasted the whole day, until I picked them all off.

Overall, I thought this mani was so cute and even though the beads didn't stay on very long, I will probably be experimenting with them some more!

Happy almost FRIDAY!

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