Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Tips on Tuesday: A 4th of July Tutorial

It's almost 4th of July!! I wanted to do a tutorial on an easy Patriotic look, in case you weren't sure what to wear this holiday or needed an idea!

Using a Red, White and Blue polish, I created a simple patriotic dotticure!

I used Zoya Carmen, CG in White out (or something or other) and Revlon Indigo Nights. Any Red or blue polish will work! If you don't have white, a nice silver or glitter polish will go perfectly!

I started my mani with a SH Basecoat and 2 coats of blue on my thumb and pointer finger and alternating red and white on my middle, ring and pinky fingers.
Let it dry. Patience, patience. 

Then I made some dots on the blue! 
Not sure how to make dots? 
I promise it is so easy and all you need is a bobby pin! 
Head over to my Buttoned Up Tutorial HERE.
Following my Buttoned Up Tutorial I made 3 dots in a row on the side of my nail. Then I made 4 dots down the center, finished with 3 more dots on the other side.

It is ok if you have short nails, just make less dots! And it even looked cute when I just did one line of dots, if you don't want to make more or can't fit too many.

I also made dots on the blue polish on my thumb. I used lines of 3 dots across my whole thumb, putting the dots in between the previous line as I went along.
You can put some pretty glitter or sparkles on the white accent nail to dress it up.
At the last minute, I decided to dab on some red dots.

Once it dries, seal it in with a top coat and you are so firework ready!
Share your creations to my facebook wall! I love to see your nail art and it tickles me pink to see you all try my tutorials!

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Happy Tuesday!!


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