Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Tips on Tuesday: PVA Glue

I have mentioned PVA glue a couple times on here and I know some of you readers are just itching to try it!
If you haven't heard of it before, PVA glue is simply Elmer's glue or any white craft glue. When painted on your nails it creates a peel off base coat that works perfectly with, you guessed it, GLITTER!
Now I think it is difficult to work with unless I use a brush to paint it on so this is what I did to get my PVA glue set up.

First you will need to gather your supplies: Acetone, a bottle of Elmer's Craft Glue and a bottle of clear polish. I used an almost empty bottle of clear that had pretty much died by this point.

I forgot to picture the cup above, but you will need something to empty the left over clear polish into for easy disposal, like a cup, a bag, maybe a garden...
 DO NOT pour any polish down your mother's sink. I don't want any phone calls!

Pour as much of the polish out of the bottle as you can.

Once your bottle is empty, fill it part way with Acetone. Do this outside in case you spill like I did. Acetone WILL eat things!

Once you have some Acetone in your bottle, gently roll the bottle around in your hands. You want the acetone to eat any left over polish in the bottle. I then poured out the acetone and rinsed the bottle out with water. If there is a white filmy residue left over: repeat this step again!

Pour a little acetone into the cap and make sure to rinse the polish brush so the bristles are soft (not crusty).

I dried the inside of the bottle with a Q-tip to soak up most of the water in there before adding the glue.

Squeeze the glue into the bottle and fill it up almost to the top!

Stick your brush in there!

You are now ready to paint your nails with the glue! Add a thin coat to all of your nails. Make sure you don't put it on too thick!

Wait for them to dry.

Keep waiting until they are completely clear! Now you are ready to paint!

Add 2 coats of your favorite glitter bomb! I picked my nails off at work so unfortunately, I don't have any photos of them, but once you start peeling, they will all come off usually in one sheet! Super easy glitter removal!

Weekend project?
Happy Tips on Tuesday!


  1. Very good trick! Thanks for sharing!!!!

  2. Thank you for sharing! I have been waiting for tips like this since I pretty much use glitter every mani. Lol. I was wondering though, can I usr my regular basecoat and then the glue? Or do you recommend just using glue as the base and that's it?

  3. Good question, I was asked this, this morning and I am going to test it. However, I think the glue has to be the base in order for it to peel, but you can use the base coat over that. I will get back to you though!

  4. SUCH A SMART IDEA!!! I still have not tried it because I have been told, by some, the polish comes off within hours. But this method is genius! Up to pinterest it goes:)

    1. I've heard that from some people also. It does come off quicker than normal, but I think it's like most cosmetics--it works for some people and other people it just doesn't. Worth the try though!


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