Friday, July 5, 2013

4th of July Festivities

Eek! Better late than ever huh? I was enjoying fireworks, food, friends, family and lots of fun yesterday! Good thing the 4th of July festivities are continuing into the weekend for me AND I have today off work! :D
This is the mani I ended out wearing for the actual 4th holiday.

I used a couple of branded polishes here and 2 indies from Carpe Noctem Cosmetics. I have some more polishes from Emily on their way to me as we read and I will do a more in depth review then!

I used 2 coats of Zoya Carmen on my middle and pinky fingers and used a base of Layla 6123 on my index and ring finger. I used 1 coat of Star Spangled Kaboom from Carpe Noctem Cosmetics over the silver. Ahhh! I got so many compliments on this even though it was such an easy manicure and wasn't anything super fancy.

Star Spangled Kaboom has Red, Silver and Blue hex glitters with White and Black matte hexes mixed in. I loved that there were black glitters in there and that there were all different sizes. It dried super fast,  which was awesome!

I am so happy I found this glitter topper from Emily! I was looking for a good glitter topper that was relatively inexpensive for the 4th, since, well, I was really only going to wear it for this holiday. I was on Etsy and just search for Patriotic Glitters when I came across her shop, Carpe Noctem Cosmetics.

Emily's small polish bottles hold 6ml of polish AND they are only 3$! Here is a close up of the glitter!
I just love this glitter.

I also ordered another holiday polish from Emily called Liberty. This one has medium flakes in red, green, silver, purple, blue and gold with holographic glitters in there too!

I wore Liberty as a glitter topper over Essie Avenue Maintain. This is only one coat!

This is so pretty and it doesn't have to just be for the holiday! I can't wait to wear this over a pink or a teal...I am brainstorming manis using this for the TSwift concert I am going to soon...

I sealed the whole thing in with 1 coat of NYC.
Head over and check out some of the other lovelys Emily has in her shop and make sure to like her on facebook!!

I hope everyone had a safe and happy 4th! I had a lovely time and now I am off to enjoy more 4th Festivities!


  1. ^.^
    I love what you chose to do with the Liberty! It looks stunning!
    You are the rocker of socks, my dear!!
    <3 Can't wait til you receive the Spectra!
    Thank you so so so much, Christa, The mani looks great !

  2. Looks beautiful, great mani! Thanks for sharing. :-)


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