Sunday, July 7, 2013

SH Sparkle Sugar Coat Review & Comparison

I hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July weekend! I sure did. I spent all day at the beach today. My favorite thing about the beach, is the feeling after. Driving home with all the windows down and the music turned up, sticky with salt and sweat. Perfectly sun kissed and just the right balance of sleepy and happy. I love going to bed after a long day at the beach, because I can still hear and feel the waves, which is what I will be doing right after this post!

Tonight I have one of the new Sally Hansen Sugar Coats that is SPARKLY! Wooo!

Please meet SH Treat-Heart.
Treat-Heart is a light pink packed with a sparkle and textured finish.

Shown here is 2 coats, no top coat. This went on a little sheer, and even after 2 coats, I still saw some dragging and balding. Next time, I will wait longer in between coats in order to get the best coverage.

It is a nice finish and does not feel too texture-y.

I had a feeling this was a dupe to the JulieG Gumdrops Crushed Candy. I swatched them side by side for comparison. On my index and ring finger is JulieG Crushed Candy and on my middle and pinky I have Treat-Heart. 

You can see that Crushed Candy is quite a bit darker than Treat-Heart.
Crushed Candy also contains larger hex glitters, that Treat-Heart does not. I like both of these, but I don't think you really need both in your collection, since they are very similar.
You can see my full review of the JulieG Gumdrop Crushed Candy HERE.

Back to the grind tomorrow! Night readers! <3

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