Thursday, August 15, 2013

Water Water Everywhere!

During my most recent giveaway, I asked you all to write a blog post comment answering the question "What is your favorite summer activity?". 
A lot of you answered SWIMMING! Only one of you answered Concerts. 
Which happens to also be my favorite summer activity!

The pool water inspired this most recent mani. 
I've also been pretty into using Saran Wrap to create some funky designs on my nails, which is what I used for this!

I love the Saran Wrap technique because it really is super easy to do and you can get some great results! I started with a SH base coat and 1 coat of Wet n Wild Teal Me Slowly.

Then using the Saran Wrap technique I lightly dabbed on Essie Avenue Maintain and China Glaze White on White on top of that. My index finger is 2 coats of SH Gem Crush Showgirl Chic over a PVA base coat. 
PS. I am testing out a lot of the questions I had gotten surrounding PVA Glue after my post HERE.

I put one coat of NYC top coat of all to seal in my design! 
I am not sure if this ended out looking totally like the way water looks in the pool with all the reflections, but I think I got close!

Have you tried the Saran Wrap technique? Tips on Tuesday Tutorial coming soon, maybe?

Now the sooner I get to sleep, the sooner it will be FRIDAY! 

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