Thursday, August 1, 2013

Indie Review: Carpe Noctem in Concrete Confetti and Bubblegum Blues

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I hate ticks. I just launched myself out of my bed because my kitty, Tinka, dropped a tick on my sheets, which climbed up my arm. 
Guess who isn't sleeping tonight because I keep feeling fictional creepy crawlies on me?! 
Ok, gunna shake it out and we can get back to this review! 
Photo heavy...

Tonight I have 2 more polishes from Carpe Noctem Cosmetics to show you.
You have already seen the infamous Man in White (no longer available) and South Haven Sunset, both beautiful duochromes. 
Tonight I have another duochrome and a glitter to show you!

First up is Concrete Confetti.

CC is packed with varying sizes of hex glitters in a rainbow of metallic colors and black!

CC went on smooth and had great glitter coverage in one coat. 
Shown here over Color Show Blue Blaze, over a SH Base coat and NYC top coat.
 The base on Emily's glitter polishes is a little on the thick side, but, along with a good shake, I find that this lends to getting a ton of glitter on the brush -- so no fishing for glitters here! 

There appears to be some reflective curling on that gold glitter, but these glitters do lay flat on the nail.
I am really liking the look of this. I wasn't sure about all the black glitters in there but oh my! I don't know about you but this look really reminds me of 

Check out my ring finger! I feel like that could totally be leopard spots without all the hard work of painting or stamping them on!

Shown here over Essie Mod Square and SH Xtreme Wear Perfect Pearing.

Up next we have a duochrome called Bubblegum Blues!

BB is the opposite of MIW. It is a light pink, fuchsia base, with a blue, sometimes periwinkle shift.
Photo taken in direct sun.

The first went on a little sheer, but built up with a second coat. There was still a little bit of a visible nail line (VNL), but the blue shift really helped hide this and it wasn't very apparent. 
Shown here 2 coats, over a SH Base coat and NYC top coat.
Photo taken in the shade.

Ah! I love that blue shift!
Up close you can see some brush strokes, but they aren't noticeable in real life. 
I think this is a perfect summer polish when you're nice and tan!

Overall, I really like these 2 polishes and I don't have any complaints! Concrete Confetti is definitely a new fave glitter of mine! 

You might have noticed that none of Emily's polishes have labels on them! Emily does this, because she thinks it is more important to see the polish, than a giant label. I agree! Makes for some pretty bottle shots! :)

What do you think, Reader?! Do you have any of Emily's polishes yet?

You can check out the rest of Emily's stock in her Etsy shop here! Definitely more swatches to come from me, since I picked up a huge haul! 
You can also follow Emily on facebook to get the latest and greatest! She is always posting sneak peeks of customs she is working on (including 2 for me!).

Emily's polishes come in 3 different sizes, retailing from $3-$9. Every order comes with a mini nail buffer!

Almost Friday! 


  1. I have several of her polishes and none disappoint! The customs she has made for me were EXACTLY what I wanted and her own creations fit the tastes of...well everyone!

  2. I did ask Emily about drying time on glitters, but since you have tried them, I could use your opinion too. How fast do these formulas dry? I have several awesome glitters from other indie creators that I can't use because they dry squishy and they smudge everywhere. How did this one turn out?

    1. The formulas on her glitters are a little thick. So when applied over 2 coats of polish, I do say that they take a little longer than average to dry. Over 1 coat of polish or on their own they probably take an average amount of time to dry. I have worn several of her glitters on full manis with no trouble. I do use a Quick Dry Topcoat, which probably helps dry time

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  4. Using a topcoat seemed to help with the ILNP. I did one coat color, one coat of Pi-Ya-Np and then Wet N Wild topcoat and everything seems to be holding up pretty well. It's not mushy like it usually is.


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