Sunday, August 4, 2013

Lazy days and Blue Skies

This weekend was forecasted to be pretty nice. It rained a bit on Saturday, which OF COURSE was the day I decided to trip it down to the beach. 

I was channeling blue skies all weekend with some cloud nail art and 
I decided to show you my 2 favorite blues from recent Spring/Summer collections.

First up is Essie Avenue Maintain from the Essie Spring 2013 collection.

Essie Avenue Maintain is a dark sky blue. Surprisingly enough, it is opaque in 1 coat. I used 2 coats here to even it all out. It's almost the same color as the sky in the background!

I don't own very many blues but I really love this one. 
A bonus about this polish? It STAMPS.

Next up is a light sky blue by Wet n' Wild Wild Shine from their Pop Art collection 
called Teal Slowly and See.
As you can see, this is definitely not teal. It is the absolute perfect shade of light sky blue.

Despite the pastelly nature of this color, it was opaque in 2 coats and it really offered full coverage. 
This is definitely a new favorite blue of mine and I am super happy to have it in my collection.
Unfortunately, I really hate the brush on the WnW Wild Shine polishes. It is really thin and long. 
It is one of those brushes you keep having to dip back into the bottle for 
more polish just to paint ONE nail.

Up next, I used Teal Me Slowly in a cloud mani. 
My sister showed me a photo of some cloud nail art on instagram 
awhile ago and I just couldn't get it out of my head! 
This blue worked perfect!

I used an Art Club white striper for the white and by dripping some onto a plate, I used a dotting tool to create the fluffy clouds. 

White clouds on a sky blue background ALWAYS remind me of Toy Story.

Do the clouds remind you Toy Story also? What are you favorite blue polishes?

Back to the grind tomorrow! Hope everyone is ready for Monday!


  1. Love the nail art! And I didn't think of it at first, but it does have a reminiscence of Toy Story! :D

    - Toria

  2. What doYou Mean When You Said The Wet And Wild Blue... Stamps?

    1. Follow the link! Essie Avenue Maintain is stampable using Stamp plates! Sometimes it is hard to find a polish opaque enough to stamp over other polishes!


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