Sunday, August 11, 2013

I have a Secret!

Most Sunday's sneak up on me. Bam weekend over. However, being a Rhode Islander, I have tomorrow off. We still observe a controversial state holiday, called Victory Day. 
Google it. 
Yep, we're jerks.

Tonight I have 2 of my most coveted polishes ever. 
2 polishes, 1 from each of the Color Club Halo Hues collections.
I have shown you a Scattered Holograhic polish around these parts before. One of A-England's finest. You can check out Tristam HERE.
But I have never shown you a linear holo.

Did you think it would be prettier? 
This is why I love holo polish...It's like you have a secret on your nails. 
Inside, or in the shade, this polish is pretty boring.

I will wait a minute until you can pick yourself up off the floor after the faint that just happened.
Eternal Beauty is a lovely light purple, that outshines itself in the sun.

Check out that halo! (The oval rainbow that is created by sun hitting the holo particles).
I used a base of Orly Ridge Filler, 2 coats of Color Club Eternal Beauty (2013 collection). No top coat.
I use a ridge filler when wearing these polishes because they tend to show every imperfection in your nail for some reason.

Eternal Beauty was opaque in 2 coats. This polish was a little on the thin side, but application was pretty flawless. I waited between both coats to avoid any dragging or balding. 

Kind of looks like a sticker, huh? Maybe a little like the ones you used to get out of the vending machines at the grocery store when you were little?

Next up is Harp On It from the 2012 collection.

Again, this one is pretty dull in the shade. HOI is a classic silver holo. A must have in my opinion.

Harp On It, is shown here as 2 coats over Orly Ridge Filler, no top coat. 
The halo doesn't seem as strong in these photos as Eternal Beauty but I assure you, that this polish is absolutely astounding in sunlight.

This polish was a little on the thin side, like Eternal Beauty, but again application was pretty flawless. I waited between both coats to avoid any dragging or balding. 

Despite what appears to be a very 'glittery' type polish -- holos are so finely ground up glitters, that removal is like any creme polish. BONUS!

What do you think? Need them? Have a holo that is even better than these?! Let me know in the comments, because I want it!

Check the Color Club website, Ebay or Amazon for these pretties! I believe I bought mine from Ebay, as that is who had them cheapest at the time I was searching them out!

Happy Sunday! 


  1. I have one of the Halo Hues, but I haven't worn it yet. This makes me want to dig it out!

  2. Gah! You must! And make sure you go outside!!!! They are incredible! Take the bottle out there with you haha.

  3. haha At first I thought "That polish isn't boring, it's really pretty." Then I scrolled! WOW. I know holo effects aren't as noticeable in artificial light or shade but this is the first I've seen to be such a drastic difference! I definitely think the "secret" idea is utterly fitting for these!! They are both beautiful! :)

    - Toria


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