Monday, January 20, 2014

Indie Review: Carpe Noctem Swatch Spam

Hello there! Happy Monday! In just 10 days I am jetting off to the Bahamas, so I can't even complain that it's Monday because I am a day closer to being reunited with my oldest friend. 
Tonight I bring you some swatch spam of Raspberry Beret, that you have seen before with a little nail art and Don't Panic!

First up is Don't Panic!

Shown here is 2 coats. I can't remember if I used a topcoat or not. I love how awesome the holo is on this one! Don't Panic is black base, but has a bit of a plummy shift too it.

The holo really seemed to lighten this polish up and despite the black base I didn't find that it was too dark for my skin tone. 

Next up is the lovely Raspberry Beret from Emily's most recent Jelly holo line.

I just loved this one and couldn't resist wearing it again with some nail art. I got the inspiration for this look from this pin HERE.

I used Zoya Thandie and Sinful Colors Mint Apple for the dots.

See you later!

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