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Indie Review: Spellbound Nails Fall Collection

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Happy Week(end)! We had perfect sunny Fall weather this weekend!

Today I have 6 lovely polishes from Spellbound Nails Fall Collection to show you! You have seen Spellbound Nails around these parts before here and here.
Ashley will be releasing these polishes on September 9th, TOMORROW! Get excited!

First up I have Under the Harvest Moon. 

This one was a surprise favorite for me. The color matched my skin tone perfectly! Under the Harvest Moon is a not-too-bright pinky coral. As summer fades into fall, this is the perfect transition shade. 

This polish is packed with a beautiful holo sparkle punch! Check out that sparkle in the macro above! 
It catches the light beautifully.

Under the Harvest Moon applies smoothly and is opaque in 2 coats. It dries quickly but it is a bit rough to the touch. This is really no problem at all and one coat of NYC top coat smoothed it out nicely.

Using Under the Harvest Moon as a base polish, I applied the glitter goodness of Fall in Love.

I am showing you 2 macro shots so you can really see the holo glitz in this glitter topper.
There is a lot going on here! We have black squares, large red hexes, small holo hexes, small red hexes and itty bitty holo sparkle! My kind of glitter!

I haven't tried many of Spellbound's glitter toppers, but after this collection, I am a believer!
This is just one coat of Fall in Love and I cannot believe the amazing coverage!

I used the glob and spread method and you can see the awesome glitter payoff! I didn't have to place or fish for any glitters and I still got a ton of every size and type of glitter.

This combination here is definitely one of my favorite looks. The red hexes in this glitter is going to make it work for a lot of different holiday seasons! Think Christmas and Valentines Day! 

Next up is Mocha for Two.

Mocha for Two is a gold base with gold holo glitter that shifts between gold, yellow, orange and red shades. There is also red hexes and small green and gold glitter that make up the base of this.

This reminds me of a crisp fall morning after the leaves have started to fall from the trees or Thanksgiving Day! 
Mocha for Two looks a little chunky in these photos but despite the high concentration of glitter it did smooth out after a coat of NYC top coat.

The gold really shines in the sun! 

Next up is Autumn Vixen. 

I am disappointed the pictures don't do this combo justice. I paired Autumn Vixen with my most favorite OPI polish, Vampsterdam.

I love square glitter. Something about it adds so much flare to any glitter topper. This topper has gold squares and hexes, and the same holo glitters that you saw in Mocha for Two that are shifting to an orange here.

Here it is in the shade! You can see the gold glitter a lot better here. Like Fall in Love, it goes on easily and there is perfect glitter coverage in just one coat. I used one coat of NYC top coat.

Next up is definitely my favorite combination! Ashley will be offering these 2 polishes as a duo tomorrow and I am so glad she is! Check out these 2:

First up I have Forever Green.

Forever green is a glitter bomb of forest green and a sprinkling of purple glitter.
The formula was by far one of the best I have ever encountered. It went on so fluidly and built up with amazing opacity.

The first coat goes on a little sheer and while you can get away with 2 coats, I chose to do three to really get this color to stand out.

Next I layered Fall n' Leaves in a glitter gradient.

Fall n' Leaves is the essence of Fall to me! It is packed with small gold circles, large red circles, orange, black and red hexes in 2 different sizes as well as some black squares and large black hexes.

I did get a couple of the large red circles and black hexes out of the bottle, but I put them back since I was really trying to achieve a falling leave look.

Using the glob and spread method, I used only 1 coat to get all this glitter! I sealed it all in with 1 coat of NYC. I ended out wearing this for a couple of days and because of the high concentration of glitter, you can imagine what a beast removal was. I will be using a PVA base when I wear this next!

Overall, I loved this collection with my top choices being the Fall Duo and Under the Harvest Moon.

You can see more swatches from Paint Those Piggies and Varnished Reputation!

These will be available for purchase tomorrow! You can follow Spellbound Nails at the following links:
Facebook | Blog | Etsy

What do you think? Are you ready for Fall? Will you be picking any of these polishes up?

**Disclosure: The product(s) in this post were provided to me by their manufacturer for my unbiased review. Please see my Disclaimer page for more info**

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  1. Um...WOW to Fall n' Leaves! I'm not ready for summer to be over, but these polishes might help the transition a little bit.


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