Sunday, September 29, 2013

Falling for Fall with Color Show

I have been totally slacking on posts since I came back from vacation so I am trying to catch up! I also had a cold. I am a super big baby and feel like the world is ending when I have a cold, which explains why I fell off the face of the earth this past week. 
Tonight I have the first Fall polishes I picked up this season to show you! I picked up 3 of the 10 Color Show Vintage Leather shades that really stood out to me a couple of weeks ago. 

First up is Classic Camel.

I will describe the formula to you at the very end of the post, since these were all very similar. The first 2 photos are matte, and the next 2 photos are with NYC top coat. All swatches show 2 coats.

Classic Camel is a lovely fiery orange. It has little silver flakies in it and dries matte. It actually dried very quickly and began to matte almost as soon as I had finished with my brush strokes.

This really glows with a top coat!

I really liked this both matte and glossy, I can't decide which I liked better!

Next up is Plush Plum. The first 2 photos are 2 coats of polish, and then next 2 photos are with 1 coat of NYC top coat.

This one was a dark magenta. I ended out liking this one the least. Despite it being a typical Fall Shade, I don't think it was very unique.

There were also small flakies mixed in with this shade. I think the flakies sort of created a nice depth to this shade.

Next up is Mod Moss, which ended out being my very favorite. 

Mod Moss is the most lovely shade of army green. I love green polish in every delicious hue. but darks compliment my skin tone nicely and I just love them!

The first 2 photos are 2 coats of polish, and the next 2 have 1 coat of NYC top coat.

I love how pretty this shade was with top coat. You can see the flakies in the bottle in this shot pretty well.

Let me talk a little about the formula on these. The formula was a little hard to work with. Each of these dried so quickly, that it made it hard to paint each nail evenly. They started to matte-fie almost immediately! However, I think putting the top coat on afterwards smoothed it right out. Each of these also contained small flakies, which to me, didn't really translate to the nail very much. You can see above that they are not very noticeable.

Overall, I love Mod Moss and Classic Camel but could have passed on Plush Plum. What do you think? Is matte polish still in?

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