Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Thanksgiving Tutorial

It's time for another Tutorial!! With Thanksgiving only a week away I decided to recreate a manicure a friend posted on her Facebook after I showed you my halloween tutorial using JUST a Sharpie Marker!
That turned out to be pretty darn popular, so I am bringing you another tutorial using Sharpie markers.
They are perfect for Fall and are definitely a lovely accent on your nails for Thanksgiving.

Lets get started!
I encourage you to try this even if you are nervous because Sharpie Markers are totally erasable on nail polish!!
I also have another Fall Tutorial HERE that is easy peasy!

First, I started by painting my nails 2 coats of a solid color. I chose OPI Vampsterdam. Any dark shade that compliments gold and bronze will do!
I have found that you don't always need to add a topcoat to make the Sharpie erasable. With a little elbow grease it will usually disappear.
Make sure you let the polish dry COMPLETELY!
(if you don't, you won't be able to rub off mistakes!)
:Patience, young grasshopper:

I used a 3 pack of Sharpies that I purchased at Target. It came with silver (not pictured) and bronze and gold colors. These will work perfect!

Using the Bronze Sharpie marker, I made a jagged outline at the top corner of my nail. This is the beginnings of a leaf!!

I then colored the leaf in. 
Remember: Sharpie is erasable! 
The metallic sharpies might need a little more muscle than a regular black sharpie, so I find that licking a finger and rubbing away or wetting a rag and wiping away works best!

Using the Gold Sharpie I created the outline for my second leaf in the bottom right hand corner of my nail. I made this one a little more spread out sideways.

Then I colored this leaf in too! They don't start to look like leaves until you add the veins!

Using a fine, black Sharpie I drew veins outward on my first leaf and across my second leaf.
You can create more leaves on your other nails or just leave the leaves on one nail!

Make sure to add a top coat to seal in your design!

I decided to make some other leaves. I did a couple different types on my other fingers. On my middle and pinky fingers, I created little leaves, while the leaves I showed you on my ring finger were slightly more complex. Experiment with different patterns!

Will you try this? What nail art tutorial would you like to see for Winter/Christmas?

Happy Tuesday!

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  1. This is so cute! Have you had trouble with the Sharpie smearing or bleeding when you use a top coat? I've tried them in the past but, particularly with a dark colored Sharpie over a light polish, it always bleeds :( I wondered if you had heard of any tricks to stop that?


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