Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Tips on Tuesday: Halloween Tutorial

Holy schmoley, I have been MIA lately. I have been trying to get my Halloween costume together this week and on the fly last night I decided to make another Tutu for my friend who is stationed in the Bahamas! I have changed my mind a million times on what to be for Halloween but I think I have finally settled it, we will see. I also got a new job and have been tying up loose ends before I move on. Anyway-- On to the Tutorial!

Recently, I asked you all on my Facebook: 
"I'm wondering: for those of you who do not attempt nail art at all (or often), I want to know why you don't?! Do you not have nail art tools or aren't comfortable or do tutorials seem too hard, ect.?"

Many of you mentioned that you don't have the tools for nail art, but just as many of you said you were afraid you don't have the skills. 
I LOVE nail art, and try to bring you easy tutorials/tips as much as I can and I try to go through each and every step, no matter how obvious it may seem!

So today-- I bring you the most foolproof/ mess-up proof nail art I can think of in an easy to follow tutorial for Halloween using an easy to find item!

Believe it, because they work. 
And this might be the only time a Sharpie Marker is erasable. 
Yup, you heard me! :)

First I started by painting both of my ring fingers a lime green. I used 2 coats of SH Xtreme Wear Green with Envy. 
I then painted the rest of my fingers with 2 coats of Wet N' Wild Who is Ultra Violet?

Any light shade green and purple will do. Actually--any light colors will do! All you want is for the black to show up. 
Now wait for them to dry, young grasshopper.
You absolutely, positively must wait for them to dry or you will dent the polish and ruin the Sharpie marker. And you will need that Sharpie Marker come Christmas when you need to tag gifts.

Once they are dry -- add a top coat. 
And then wait some more! Muhahahaha.
Sorry, not funny. 
This step is a must if you want your design to be erasable in case of mistakes.

Now, once they are completely dry (if you jumped the gun, I will wait while you start over hee hee), you can move on to the next step!

Whip out that Sharpie Marker!!
I used a Sharpie Pen with a Fine tip in black. I found mine at Target, but I bet you can find it at retailers like Walmart or any Office Supply store. 
The fine tip, will create thinner lines than a regular tipped Sharpie, however, you can also use the other kind too.

Now draw some lines in different lengths. It doesn't matter how many you can fit either! Draw one big one or a couple little ones -- it is all up to you!
The lines don't have to be straight or even, so no fretting. Mine are definitely not perfectly straight or even - and for Halloween stitches, you don't even want them to be either!

Add some "stitches" going across the other lines you just drew. You are basically just crossing T's here!

Add some more "stitches" to finish them out! I went over a couple of my stitches again to make them a little darker and thicker.
So here is the cool part:

If you mess up, or decide you don't like the stitch you made -- just wipe it away!!!
A couple of swipes over your nail with another finger, or simply the edge of a shirt or towel, will wipe the Sharpie right off. For any stubborn smudges or marks -- simply pop a finger in your mouth and rub it with some spit (or a bit of water) to wash it away.

This also means that once you finish your design, 
you have to put another layer of top coat to seal in the Sharpie.
I like to wait a couple of minutes to let the Sharpie marker dry/set before adding a top coat, so I don't smudge it.

I think this design looks super cute! Put stitches on just a couple of nails or on all your fingers!

Easy Peasy!
This design also shouldn't be too hard to do with your left hand, since we are just drawing regular lines and dashes. If you are worried, just remember, you can wipe it right off your nail and start over! :)

Will you try this? Have you used a Sharpie Marker for nail art before?

Happy Halloween my friends!


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