Sunday, October 27, 2013

Indie Review: Impulse Cosmetics Halloween LE

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It's almost Halloween!! I went to a Halloween party this past weekend and dressed as Hello Kitty. It was pretty fun and I was very happy with my costume choice and the cutey nails I did to go with it! Follow me on IG @possiblyChrista if you want a peek at my nails!

Tonight I have 2 polishes by Impulse Cosmetics that I stumbled across while browsing Etsy for fun Halloween colors.
First up is Monster Mash.

Monster Mash is a dark purple duochrome that shifts to a monster green! Photo was taken in the shade.

Opaque in 2 coats, this was a pretty cool color! Shown here as 2 coats, with 1 coat of NYC topcoat.

This shade showed a lot of the green shift and not as much as the purple as I would have liked but it was still really neat! Photo taken in direct sunlight.

Next I layered 1 coat of Midori Sour over Monster Mash. I used to love Midori Sours, but I had one the other day and it definitely wasn't as good as I remember it being. I prefer this polish over the real thing :)
Photo taken in the shade.

Midori Sour is made up of lime green, white, black and blue hexes in various sizes. Shown here is 1 coat, over MM with 1 coat of NYC topcoat. 
This is an interesting glitter topper and is totally unique to my collection!

These went pretty well together I have to say. I bet Midori Sour would look great over a variety of darker shades and it gives a little extra edge to a manicure! Photo taken in direct sunlight.

I liked both of these polishes. They went on smoothly and had average dry times. My only complaint is they both had a very strong scent. After a topcoat however, the scent was no longer noticeable.

Are you ready for Halloween this week? Have you picked out fun colors for a Halloween manicure?

You can find Impulse Cosmetics on

She sells mini sized polishes for $3.99.

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