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Tips on Tuesday: Lotion up with Curél Intensive Healing

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Just recently I opted into the Curél Intensive Healing hand cream campaign. Not only do I always need a good hand cream, but I am sure you, as my readers, are always on the look out for one too!
At the end of the post I have a before and after look at my nails/hands and fun Halloween nail art using a new polish from Carpe Noctem's Samhain/Halloween line!

I like a good cream because my skin dries out so quickly and I tend to get eczema on my elbows, on occasion, so the Intensive Healing part of this campaign really intrigued me!
I also have a cat who sleeps in my bed, so I need a cream that isn't greasy, otherwise I'll be eating cat hairs and getting them stuck in my eyeballs or mouth on accident all night.
Keep reading to find out if Curél is a lint trap or not!

I was sent a 1 oz pot of lotion to test out with some extra pots that I sent off to some other bloggers!
So why exactly is this lotion unique?
It helps stimulate the production of ceramides, which are the protective barrier that helps "glue" the surface skin cells together. When this protective barrier is compromised, your skin is more susceptible to dryness!

Curél Intensive Healing is fragrance free and hypo-allergenic. I like it when hand creams are unscented, as I put my hands near my face and mouth a lot too much and sometimes the scent starts to bother me. This cream looks like a whipped body butter in the canister, but is actually nice and thick!

It does go on seemingly sticky and greasy, however it is REALLY FAST absorbing! 
No kitty hair for dinner tonight!
For just a few minutes it feels like there is gak on your hands, but after it transforms your skin into a silky powdery feel. The only thing I didn't really care for about this cream, is that is comes in a canister. I prefer a squeeze tube, because the lotion won't get stuck under my nails that way. It is also on a expensive side. A 16oz canister will run you about $10-$12, even when purchased at Walmart.
Although, for those of you who suffer from eczema know that some creams do and don't work, and finding one, even if it is expensive, is a lifesaver!!

Since this is a nail blog I obviously had to squeeze in some nail art! I have a before and after comparison of my hands and cuticles after using Curél hand cream!

You can see that my fingers are especially dry, showing a lot of my skin cracks and my cuticles are looking a little flaky around the edges.

My fingers definitely look improved from the before photo and look a lot smoother. My skin also doesn't appear shiny and tight looking, like the before photo.
I have also been using this cream on my elbows to ward away any unwanted eczema! It took a few days, but my elbows are feeling a lot smoother than they were!

Overall, I enjoy this hand cream but I do wish it was in a squeeze or pump container and that the price point was a little lower. Unfortunately, when I am in the market for another hand cream, I might opt for a more budget friendly and more favorable container option over this one.

You can find Curél on:

I also have several $2 off Curel Intensive Healing coupons up for grabs! 
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Polishes used in this post:
Carpe Noctem Cosmetics Fright Night 
Art Club Stripers in black and white.
Sephora Matte topcoat
Wet n Wild Glow in the Dark top coat

**Disclosure: The product(s) in this post were provided to me by their manufacturer or Bzzagent for my unbiased review. Please see my Disclaimer page for more info**

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