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Indie Review: Carpe Noctem Samhain Collection Part II

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Hello again today! I have the second half of Carpe Noctems Halloween polishes, called the Samhain Collection!
First up, is Reflect.

Reflect* is a duochrome that shifts from blue to teal and to a purple. Swatches show 3 coats ALONE with 1 coat of NYC topcoat. You can find photos of Reflect over black on Potions in Motion HERE! She doesn't say that it is swatched over a black base, but it is, and it looks awesome!
*Reflect is being reformulated to a less sheer version. However, this polish is meant to be layered over a darker base color.

I was kind of meh on this one. In the bottle it is quite lovely but it just didn't build up as nicely as I was hoping on the nail by itself and I didn't see much of the purple shift at all.
Despite Reflect being sort of a dud for me, the rest of this collection was very impressive!
Next up is Divination.

This was a surprise favorite for me. I don't normally like orange shades but I thought this one looked great on me! Divination is a light orange duochrome that shifts to a light reddish and to a sunny yellow.

The red was a bit harder to capture but you can see a light shading of red just off center in this macro shot and around the edges in the first photo.

The lovely yellow shift! It is shown here as 2 coats with 1 coat of NYC topcoat. It built up perfectly! There were some brush strokes, but I think these can be overlooked.
Next up are the 2 glitter toppers in this collection!

This is Reflection in Flames. I loved this topper! Shown here is 1 coat over Loréal Safari Chic.
Reflection in Flames is made up of black squares, small black and orange hexes and holographic glitters. I used 1 coat of NYC topcoat over all.

While this one is great for Halloween, I just might be picking this polish out again to use when the new Hunger Games movie releases in November!!

Last but not least is A Place at the Table.

I layered 1 coat of A Place at the Table over 2 coats of CNC Under Cover of Light, a beautiful shimmery white with 1 coat of NYC topcoat.
I wanted this to look like blood splatters!

I think it does in a bit of a creepy way! This glitter topper is made up of Red squares, hexes and bars in several sizes as well as black hexes and shards. There are hearts in this topper, but I was unable to get any of them out, good news to those of you who are heart glitter adverse! (I am!)

This was a super extensive Halloween Collection, but there were some awesome polishes!
My picks from the Samhain Collection have to be Reflection in Flames because I will definitely be using it again and A Place at the Table for being a creepy Halloween polish!

Will you be picking any of these up? I can see a lot of these polishes going GREAT with a variety of scary-type costumes! A Place at the Table for a vampire, Fright Night for a zombie or otherwise undead character!

Check out the first half of the collection HERE.
And find CNC on

**Disclosure: The product(s) in this post were provided to me by their manufacturer for my unbiased review. I covered the cost of shipping the samples. Please see my Disclaimer page for more info**

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  1. Divination is a nice shade and love the name. Really like A Place at the Table, does have a sort of abstract blood splatter appearance. :)


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