Sunday, February 16, 2014

Indie Review: St Patricks Day with Glitterfied Nails

Well this post took forever to get written up…because of…lemon cake. My sister and my dad decided to whip up some cake and gosh it takes forever to cool down before it can get frosted. But yum!!
Tonight I have 3 polishes to show you from Glitterfied Nails for St. Patrick's day. One you have already seen that I recently showed you in her Valentine's Day set. You can see those again here.

Up first is Golden Glow.

I know, you already saw this one, but just feast your eyeballs on that again, please. Literally looks like there is a fire off to the left there huh? Yes, you need this one. 2 coats shown, perfect opacity.

Next up is Lucky You. I am not 100% sure, but I believe I swatched this over Sinful Colors Nice Stems. (either that or it was Funky Fingers Mrs. Mint - but pretty sure is was the former).

Lucky You is a packed glitter topper made up of small green hexes and squares, as well as medium green and white hexes, large green hexes AND gold circles (GOLD COINS! gahh). I would have loved this polish without the gold dots -- but seriously -- tell me those aren't the whipped cream and cherry on top!

This is just 1 coat. I had a little trouble getting the circles out, but with a good upside down standing and a shake, I was able to fish some out and place them on my nails. As I usually do, I used the glob and spread method for great coverage!
My accent nail is Revlon Posh with white dots.

Here is another photo of Lucky You over the next polish I will show you. I really love how jam packed with glitters Andrea's polishes are. Even with massive amounts of glitter, the formula is always perfect and they dry smooth and even.

Meet the gorgeous Shamrock. This color makes me want to head outside and roll around in the grass!
I absolutely loved the way this dried. Without topcoat, it dried to a nice soft satin finish. It looked so fantastic. You can see what I mean in the above photo. 2 coats.
Because I loved this one so much, I did 2 bits of nail art with it.

First I wanted to do some sort of rainbow action jackson on my accent nail. I was kind of meh on how this came out. I wanted more of a rainbow looking thing but I suppose this will do.
I used about 5 polishes for the water marble.
Then I wanted to do stripes, so those ended up on my pinky.

I liked the stripes on my pinky nail in the first nail art spot, so I decided to settle on this mani since it wasn't so loud. My accent nail is SH Mint Sorbet as the base, with Essie Mojito Madness (bright green stripes), an Art Club white striper and then Shamrock (the dark green).

I think Golden Glow and Shamrock are definite must haves and will be perfect for your St. Patrick's Day festivities!

Last but not least, I have Nola for Mardi Gras!
I used her above in some nail art, but I have better swatches below to show you all the glitter goodness in here!

Nola is made up on small green and yellow hexes, with holo purple hexes, large green and gold hexes and purple squares! I think my favorite part about this little is the little yellow hexes! It really makes it stand out, plus I love yellow glitters!

Here I swatches it over a light lilac. This was really packed with glitter and using the glob and spread method I was able to get great coverage in 1 coat.
Andrea has another Mardi Gras theme glitter for sale in her shop too!

You can find Andrea/Glitterfied Nails here:
Facebook | Etsy | and now on IG

Her polishes retail for $8.75 for a full size bottle and 3 minis for $14. Go check out her Etsy because she has already posted her Spring collection and oh man it looks gorgeous!

Talk to you soon!

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