Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Tips On Tuesday: My Favorite Coupon App

I love coupons. Who the heck doesn't love coupons? 
The Millennial generation, especially loves coupons. 

Today is going to be a different kind of Tips on Tuesday, mostly because I love this Andriod and iOS app so much, if I could get up to my rooftop to shout it from there, I would.
This platform will have to do.

Anyway, while I talk, you should get to downloading the App called CouponSherpa.

Once you download it, no need to fill out the little popup that comes up. It is probably spam, who knows, just click through to get the DEALS!
This is what the icon looks like, if you are still searching!

I absolutely love this app. I have saved so much money from this thing, I can't even begin to make a list. 
Plus I love having my choice of coupons right on my phone. I don't need to remember to bring a paper coupon with me or make sure it isn't expired. Also, no more digging through my Mary Poppins purse trying to find that dang paper coupon…
I was SURE I put it in this pocket…

The app separates out HOT DEALS that are about to expire.

Yes, there are even coupons for restaurants! Sweet!
And it has coupons by store or restaurant listed for easy searching.

If the store isn't listed, there usually isn't any coupons.
Sometimes, it will even give you handy tips, like if the store accepts AAA Discounts or accepts Student IDs for discounts. Other times it will tell you about deals you can get by signing up for emails or text messages.

It also has a page that allows you to submit your own in store coupon that you might have gotten in the mail or in your email.

I LIKE THIS APP! Yes, yes I do!

Here is my receipt from my most recent shopping trip, when I used a coupon at Bath and Body Works from this app.

Receipt Dated 11/23/13. I am showing you the bottom half of the receipt.
I went in to purchase the Handsoaps, which are regularly $5.50 each.
The In-Store promotion was Buy 6 Soaps for $15.
This is already a deal!
Without any coupons, this makes the Soaps $2.50 each, which is a $3 savings.

NOW, whip out CouponSherpa and there is a coupon for $10 off $30.
I bought 12 soaps, at $2.50 each, totally $30 exactly, before tax. 
I used my $10 off $30 coupon, to make the sale an even $20. 
After tax, I paid $21.25 for a total of 12 bottles of hand soap.
In the end, I paid $1.67 per hand soap.
Including coupon and sale, I saved $46.
Merry Christmas to my mama and my administrative assistants!

Have you downloaded it yet?

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  1. This isn't available on my android device (sad!) & I'm currently without a wireless plan but I'm going to check to see if I can get it on my phone anyway. This seems like an app I can't NOT download!


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