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Indie Review: Sprout Non-Toxic Nail Polish

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*Non-Toxic, Water-Based

Well, this post has been a bit in the making. Every time I get on my laptop to write something up, anything up, I get sucked into watching Catching Fire cast interviews, or reading something else about the movie.
Yea, I am just a little obsessed.
Shout Out to my Rhode Island peeps!
Tonight I bring you an Indie polish, that is produced right here in Providence, Rhode Island.
It is also the first of its kind, that I have ever tried.

What makes this polish particularly unique, is that it is completely non-toxic and is water based.
This means that Sprout polish is primarily made up of water. The other ingredients used are Acrylic Copolymer, which is what helps adhere the polish to your nail, and the 3rd ingredient, is the pigment or mica that gives the polish its color!
Sprout is also 100% Vegan and Gluten Free.

This polish is especially good for children and for pregnant women. It is completely safe if it is accidentally ingested or when it is naturally absorbed into your body through your nails.

I became interested in this polish because a lot of the ladies in my life have recently had children. Being the nail polish aficionado that I am, I want to paint all of the girls nails (when they are old enough). But, I do worry about the polish chipping and children's hands are always in their mouths! It wasn't until all these babies came into my life, that the toxicity of nail polish, started to worry me.

Sprout Non-Toxic Nail Polish, is exactly the solution to my worries!
They have dozens of colors in kids and adult shades, called the Night Shades.
I have 3 lovely shades to show you tonight.

First up is a pretty princess pink, called Princess Pink.

Princess Pink was a bright, shimmery ballet pink. I loved this one!
The first photo is no base coat, 2 coats of polish with no topcoat.

The formula on this went on smoothly and dried fairly quickly. The scent on these polishes, is very similar to that of non-toxic children's paint.
I am going to point out a fault of mine: On my ring finger, you can see that this polish cracked. After experimenting with this polish and testing one of the other shades, I concluded this was a user error. When I applied the second coat, without waiting for it to dry, the top would crack.

Close up, after top coat.

I was generously sent the Sprout Non-Toxic Raindrop Clear topcoat. Now this does appear to be a milky white in the bottle, but it does dry clear. It gave a nice glossy shine to the polish!

Next up is the perfect shade for Fall, Red Cranberries.
Shown here with no base coat, 2 coats of polish and no top coat.

A glossy close up, after top coat!

This color is so pretty and is a nice deep burgundy. The formula on this was the same as Princess Pink. I waited a bit longer in between coats for this swatch to combat any cracking with the second coat.

Next up is Pretty Plum Purple.
Now this, is PURPLE! I love deep, but bright purples and this one was exceptional.
This is no base coat, 2 coats of polish and no topcoat.

After topcoat! You can really see the lovely shimmer after topcoat in this macro.

After top coat.

I tested Red Cranberries by wearing it around town. I really wanted to test these for wear because they are water based. 
My main question was, is it going to wash off in the shower? Or when I am washing my hands?

Well, it didn't wash off! In fact, I got 3 full days of wear without any chips and only minor tip wear! My only gripe was that the top coat did not stay shiny at all. I was kind of bummed since the colors with top coat are really pretty! After just a day, the polish had dulled considerably. 

Overall, because I have so many little girl cousins, I am happy to have these in my collection. I tend to carry them whenever I travel to an aunt or uncles or friends with small children, knowing I will feel safe and better about using this brand on them.

How to find Sprout!

Each polish is $7.49 each, but there are many affordable sets that come with multiple shades!

Have you heard about Water-Based polishes? How do you feel about them?

**Disclosure: The product(s) in this post were provided to me by their manufacturer for my unbiased review. Please see my Disclaimer page for more info**

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